What is A Life Settlement?

$250,000 can be sitting in your desk next week!

The Process to Profit

Selling your life insurance policy is easy with Secure Life Settlements. Our skilled actuaries evaluate your policy in-house for the quickest turnaround time possible. We then provide you with a generous quote – at a greater value than its cash surrender. Here’s a complete breakdown of the settlement process, all in 6 simple steps:


We collect necessary information and proper signatures from both the policyholder and the insured party for review.


Information integrity is assured, and third-party experts calculate the insured’s life expectancy.


We process your policy through our funding department to obtain multiple pricing models in the secondary market.


After we determine your policy’s average fetching price, we make you an offer backed by our own funding sources. Our offer is always the highest price quotable.


Once you choose to accept our offer, a contract and other closing documents are expedited to the policy owner for completion.


Legal policy ownership is transferred to our company, and settlement funds are released from the escrow account to yours.

Your personal account representative will maintain contact with you all along the way, providing you with an honest and informative experience.
The swiftness of the settlement schedule depends largely on the accessibility of information during the initial inquiry. Our in-house expeditors strive to complete all settlements within 90 days.