Our Policy is to Maximize yours.

Having life insurance is the first step to securing your financial future.
But it’s not the last.

The roles we play in your policy:

Your policy manager

A life insurance policy needs to be managed. We
keep our finger on the pulse of every detail. When
are payments due? How will payments be remitted?
At what intervals will payments be made? Is the
policy at risk of lapsing? The policy is yours, but the
headache is ours.

Your premium advocate

There are ways to assess your policy and reduce
your premium costs. It’s the insurance company’s
best kept secret, but we’re in on it. With the
expertise and knowledge of a professional actuary
that reviews your policy periodically, you will save
money on your premiums, guaranteed.

Your record keeper

If the insured isn’t a relative, how will you be notified
in the event of death? You won’t, unless Secure Life
is on board. According to the laws of HIPPA nobody
will give you medical information, even if you hold a
life insurance policy. Secure Life has signed HIPPA
forms and is authorized to request death certificates
so that you can cash out the moment it’s time to do

Your settlement agent

If the premiums become too much to handle, we will
explain your options to you and offer to purchase the
policy at a fair price. Our team of underwriters are
on standby to advise you on the accurate value of
your policy should you opt to settle your policy for

“3 years without premiums.”

We had a two million dollar policy on our beloved grandmother who was turning 91. As she was getting older, the premiums were rising at an unaffordable pace. We were projected to pay 90 thousand dollars this year. Once Secure Life looked into the case, their actuary had a shocking revelation: We didn’t have to pay premiums for the next three years! That’s a value of almost $300,000. It’s information we would have no access to otherwise. Secure Life saved us from having to sell the policy prematurely. Thank you.

- R. Fischer

“Out of the blue, we were exempt.”

After optimizing our policy, Secure Life’s actuary told us that we were exempt from our premiums for the next 10.5 years! It was something so unexpected and so helpful. It meant that the 15 thousand dollars we were paying every year was now freed up for our other expenses. It was like cash was raining down from the sky. I highly recommend that anyone with a policy have Secure Life Settlements manage it for them.

-T. Audette

A life insurance policy is a large asset.

Let us give it the attention it needs.

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